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Web and Flow

by Alexander Sigman

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流れ、私の涙、あなたの泉から落ちる! 永遠に追放されて、私は悲しんでみましょう。 彼女の悲しい悪名高い夜の黒い鳥が歌うところでは、 そこには私のために生きることができます。 ダウンvineライト、もう輝かない! 夜間は暗闇ではない それは彼らの最後の運命が絶望したことです。 ライト・ダースだが恥が開示する。 決して私の悲しみは和らげられるかもしれませんが、 同情は逃げたので、 私の疲れた日、疲れた日、そして涙と一息と嘆き すべての喜びの中で奪われてしまった。 最高の奉仕の尖塔から 私の運が投げられる。 私の砂漠のための恐れと悲しみと苦痛、私の砂漠のための痛み 希望がなくなったので、私の希望ですか? ハーク! あなたは暗闇の中に住み、 光と覚醒することを学ぶ 幸せ、彼らは地獄でそれを幸せ 世界にもかかわらず、感じることはありません。 ハーク! あなたは暗闇の中に住み、 光と覚醒することを学ぶ 幸せ、彼らは地獄でそれを幸せ 世界にもかかわらず、感じることはありません。
blo(o)t 10:12


What's with those strange, inscrutable titles? The exquisite conundrums surrounding translation, transcription, and interpretation connect the otherwise disparate sound worlds of the tracks constituting this album.

Composed for the Holland-based new music consort Ensemble Modelo62, blo(o)t contains the English word "blot" and the Dutch word "bloot," for naked or exposed. Material from three previous pieces is extended in time and register beyond its natural limits, stretched across a skeleton of otherworldly percussion, piano, harp, and guitar impulses.

フロー (pronounced "flow") takes the score, text, and various renditions of John Dowland's lute song "Flow, My Tears" through a hall of distorted mirrors, out of which emerges a diverse array of delectable mechanical and technological artifacts.

The rich and eclectic elements comprising the electronics of フロー are recast as an immersive binaural collage in フロー_remix.

From the raw to the robotic, the cocooned to the coruscating, Web and Flow situates the listener within a malleable network of shifting cross-currents.

The cover image was created using a convolutional neural network (CNN). Through a technique called neural style transfer (NST), the deep neural network renders the content of an image of the Ásmundarsafn (Ásmundur Sveinsson sculpture museum) in Reykjavik in the style of Danish avant-garde COBRA artist Asger Jorn (1914-1973). It is relevant to the content of this release due both to the cross-breeding of source materials by artificial means, and the fact that bloat (2014) for harp and percussion, which was derived from blo(o)t, was premiered and recorded at the Ásmundarsafn. bloat can be heard on Lotus Open Factory's Integral Works album, released in September 2018.: lotusopenfactory.bandcamp.com/album/integral-works


released October 15, 2018

producer: Alexander Sigman
mastering: Jerome Lesueur




Alexander Sigman Luxembourg

Composer, sound/media artist, researcher, and improviser.

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